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Sunday, July 5, 2009


PHP Video Tutorials
Author - Joshua Mostafa

Total Time - 9.5 Hours


Welcome; What Is PHP?
Data flow
What You'll Need
Scripting vs. Viewing
Your First Script

Absolute Basics

Embedding PHP within HTML
More complex operators

Making Choices

Introducing Conditionals: 'if' And Conditional Operators
Logical Operators
Using 'else' And 'elseif'
Multiple Choices: 'switch…case…break'
The Concise Conditional: '? :'

Loops and Control Structures

Repetition: The 'for' Loop
'while' And 'do..while' Loops
Get Me Out Of Here! 'break' And 'exit'


Introduction To Arrays
Referencing And Sorting Arrays
Associative Arrays
More About Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
Joining Arrays And Splitting Strings
More String Manipulation
Replacing Text Within Strings
Introduction To Regular Expressions
More About Regular Expressions
Replacing Text Using Regular Expressions

Querying A Database

Our Sample MySQL Database
Connecting To The Database
Retrieving Data

Interacting With The User

A Simple HTML Form
A Simple PHP Search Script
Validating User Input
A Search Feature With Dynamic Options
An HTML Form For User Feedback
Adding The Feedback To The Database
Validating An Email Address
Uploading A File

Intermediate Coding Techniques

Reusing Code: Functions
Variable Scope
Calling By Value Or By Reference
Variable Numbers Of Arguments
Calling Functions Through Variables
Recursive Functions
Date and Time
Using External Code Resources
Error Capture: The Graceful Death
Error Capture: Custom Error Handlers

Sessions and Users

A Simple Login System
Logging A User In
Logging Out
Registering A User


Classes And Objects
Properties And Methods
Constructor Functions

Building a Data-Driven Website

The Project: A Discussion Forum
Common Elements
Adapting The Login Page
Adapting The Registration Page
View All Threads
Viewing A Thread
Making Or Editing A Post
Deleting A Post Or Thread


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