Oracle 11i Advanced Pricing Fundamentals

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oracle 11i Advanced Pricing Fundamentals

What you will learn:

Oracle Advanced Pricing supports e-business applications by providing a flexible pricing engine that executes pricing and promotional calculations for Oracle Order Management and other Oracle Applications. Advanced Pricing provides the flexibility to meet the needs of complex pricing situations for a range of industry business requirements including: consumer goods, telecommunications, services, high technology, automotive, and aerospace/defense businesses that sell to other businesses; and, telemarketing, mail order catalog, and web store businesses that sell directly to consumers.
In this course, students learn about the following Advanced Pricing features and concepts: generic setup steps, pricing security, qualifiers, modifiers, price lists, formulas, modifiers, attribute management, and troubleshooting.
* Set up and use price lists with pricing lines to define item and/or item category prices.
* Learn how to use modifiers to set up price adjustments (for example, discounts and surcharges), benefits (for example, free goods, coupons) and freight and special charges.

Course Objectives:

* Explain Advanced Pricing
* Describe Generic Implementation Setup
* Describe Setup of Pricing Security
* Explain Qualifiers and Qualifier Groups
* Describe Price Lists
* Define Formulas
* Explain Modifiers
* Describe Attribute Management Integration
* Explain Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

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