Oracle SQL Jumpstart with Examples

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One comes across very few books that make a significant difference in your fundamental understanding of the subject. This is one such book if you want to understand a core database skill SQL. This book deserves a place in your library and you will find it a great reference not only for learning SQL but also for learning data relationships, data organization, data analysis possibilities and so forth. I feel that the title, Oracle SQL: Jumpstart with Examples, might be too simplistic to describe the content. Read on, you will find the real value hidden inside this book." -- Ravi Sharma, Senior Principal Consultant

Developers and DBAs use Oracle SQL coding on a daily basis, whether for application development, finding problems, fine-tuning solutions to those problems, or other critical DBA tasks. Oracle SQL: Jumpstart with Examples is the fastest way to get started and to quickly locate answers to common (and uncommon) questions. It includes all the basic queries: filtering, sorting, operators, conditionals, pseudocolumns, single row functions, joins, grouping and summarizing, grouping functions, subqueries, composite queries, hierarchies, flashback queries, parallel queries, expressions and regular expressions, DML, datatypes (including collections), XML in Oracle, DDL for basic database objects such as tales, views and indexes, Oracle Partitioning, security, and finally PL/SQL.

* Each of the hundreds of SQL code examples was tested on a working Oracle 10g database
* Invaluable everyday tool that provides an absolute plethora of properly tested examples of Oracle SQL code
* Authors have four decades of commercial experience between them as developers and database administrators


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