Best Practices for Securing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12

Sunday, December 4, 2011

If you're working with Release 12, you'll be pleased to hear that our Applications Technology Group Security team has just published a new document detailing our best practices security recommendations for this release.

Like its Release 11i cousin, this document covers the following topics for Release 12:

  1. A framework for securing different segments of your E-Business Suite deployment, starting with the operating system
  2. Pointers to essential Apps security reference materials, security alerts to monitor, and recommended patches
  3. Guidance for securing internal deployments, including the database at the schema level and for database net access, the Apps web tier, and end-user PCs
  4. Tips for hardening your EBS security setup
  5. Monitoring security through Oracle Applications Manager (OAM
  6. Guidance for securing externally-facing deployments in DMZs, including the use of Responsibility filters, URL filters via the URL firewall, noise filters via mod_security

Best Practices for Securing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12


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