Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oracle's Database offers great performance, scalability, and many features for DBAs and developers. Due to a wide choice of technologies, successful applications are good candidates to run into performance issues and when a problem arises it's very difficult to identify the cause and the right solution to the problem.

The Oracle Database 11g R2 Performance Tuning Cookbook helps DBAs and developers to understand every aspect of Oracle Database that can affect performance. You will be guided through implementing the correct solution in a proactive way before problems arise, and how to diagnose issues on your Oracle database-based solutions.

This fast-paced book offers solutions starting from application design and development, through the implementation of well-performing applications, to the details of deployment and delivering best-performance databases.

With this book you will quickly learn to apply the right methodology to tune the performance of an Oracle Database, and to optimize application design and SQL and PL/SQL code. By following the real-world examples you will see how to store your data in correct structures and access and manipulate them at a lightning speed. You will learn to speed up sort operations, hack the optimizer and the data loading process, and diagnose and tune memory, I/O, and contention issues.

The purpose of this cookbook is to provide concise recipes, which will help you to build and maintain a very high-speed Oracle Database environment.

Effectively apply performance tuning principles with concise recipes

What you will learn from this book

  • Design applications that run at lightning speed
  • Implement fast and scalable SQL and PL/SQL code
  • Choose the correct structures to store the data and access them
  • Optimize sort operations, such as order-by, Top-N queries, ranking, and set operators
  • Help the optimizer to choose the right access plan to retrieve data at the best available speed
  • Load data in the database at a faster speed by using the correct tools and options
  • Tune the database memory to obtain maximum performance using available resources
  • Tune the I/O operations, by designing a database over the I/O system
  • Tune and reduce contention issues on data and structures by using an optimal design

In this book you will find both examples and theoretical concepts covered.

Every recipe is based on a script/procedure explained step-by-step, with screenshots, while theoretical concepts are explained in the context of the recipe, to explain why a solution performs better than another.

Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook


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