Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development - Made Simple

Saturday, August 4, 2012

With Application Development Framework (ADF), Oracle gives you the tool its own developers use. Modern enterprise applications must be user-friendly, visually attractive, and fast performing and Oracle Fusion Applications are just that; but to get the desired output you need proven methods to use this powerful and flexible tool to achieve success in developing your enterprise applications.

Just as you need to know more than how to wield a hammer to build a house, you need more than knowing ADF to build a successful enterprise application. This book explains how to use the technology, create a blueprint, and organize your work to ensure success.

This book takes you through an entire enterprise application development project using ADF. The book begins with a proof of concept, demonstrating the basics of the ADF technology, and then moves on to estimating the effort. You will then learn the necessary skills required to structure your project, your code, and how to build a successful enterprise project with ADF.

Additional topics allow you to explore the support tools required for source control and issue tracking, learn to integrate them into your development environment, and use them productively to develop an enterprise application. Out-of-the-box functionalities such as skinning, customization, and internationalization are discussed at length.

All you need to know about building enterprise applications with Oracle ADF-not just the technology, but its organization, tools, and best practices.

What you will learn from this book :
• Develop an ADF application quickly using database tables together with common ADF user interface components and data visualization components
• Estimate the effort required to build an ADF enterprise application
• Organize the development team, choose support tools, and write development guidelines to ensure a uniform development approach
• Set up the necessary infrastructure and configure a development workstation
• Develop necessary templates and framework classes to allow productive and flexible development
• Build a complete application using all the enterprise support tools
• Test your ADF enterprise application at the component, integration, and system levels
• Use skinning to change the look of the application to correspond to the enterprise’s visual identity
• Customize the application to meet the needs and expectations of different users
• Secure the enterprise application and assign roles for specific functionality

Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development - Made Simple


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