iPhone5 Advisor September 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Every time Apple launches a new iPhone the whole world seems to spin out of control and go dizzy for a while. Of all Apple’s creations: be it a Mac, iPod or iPad, it’s a new iPhone that everyone truly gets excited about. For all the hype and bluster about Apple’s latest gadget, the iPhone 5 was bound to enthrall and upset in equal measure. It enthralls because, once again, the iPhone is better than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. And that was beating every other phone out there, so you know the iPhone 5 is going to be something special. We’re lucky to have been allowed to test and try out an iPhone 5 prior to the on-sale date, and this guide, iPhone 5 Advisor is the result. These are our thoughts, feelings, and experiences of using the iPhone 5 we hope you fnd it useful when it comes to deciding whether to get one.

iPhone5 Advisor September 2012 UK


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