Oracle 11i Financial Consolidation Hub Fundamentals Ed1

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oracle 11i Financial Consolidation Hub Fundamentals Ed1 D47548GC10

What you will learn:

In this course, students learn, at the summary level, about implementation considerations and set-up steps related to performing financial consolidations with financial reporting for a single company or a company with multiple subsidiaries.
Students become familiar with the concepts and benefits of financial consolidation using Financial Consolidation Hub (FCH). This is a different process than the Oracle General Ledger consolidation. Students learn the basic security set up for users of FCH. Students also learn to build the infrastructure that models the companies and organizations making up a multi faceted enterprise. Within this model, students learn to define the structures that make up the common framework for the consolidation of companies using multiple currencies, calendars and even different accounting rules. Students are introduced to many of the common ways consolidations are performed and the accounting problems that are solved in the process. After building the required consolidation rules and running the consolidation, students see a wide range of reports that are delivered and then learn how to setup and run them.

Learn to:

* Identify steps required to prepare data coming from many different sources for financial consolidation.
* Understand the necessary elements required to define the accounting calendar, currency translation and chart of accounts structure needed for data standardization
* Understand how to model the companies and organizations (Entities) to be consolidated with a consolidation hierarchy.
* Generate standard financial reports using FCH and EPB.
* Prepare consolidation rules and submit them for processing.

Course Objectives:

* Understand and setup the required meta data infrastructure for the Enterprise Performance Foundation (12 tasks).
* Learn the three types of Entities and their use in the consolidation hierarchy.
* Create Entities from Oracle General Ledger and other sources.
* Model the chart of accounts using the global value set combination and the value set map.
* Map different accounting calendars to a standardized calendar.
* Set up the translation of currencies using Daily Rates, Historical rates, Period Rates and the rate types.
* Load data from Oracle General Ledger or other sources into FEM_BALANCES.
* Build validation and transformation rules for the submitted data.
* Understand categories and how to use them for consolidation processing.
* Setup Inter- and Intra company rules for required eliminations during consolidation processing.
* Define Consolidation Methods and understand their uses.
* Build the consolidation rules and tasks used for the consolidation.
* Run, monitor and debug the consolidation process.
* Generate reports from the seeded report definitions
* Develop and run reports using Enterprise Planning and Budgeting tools.
* Set up security for users of the FCH systems.

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